Request Song

Requests have about a 10 minute delay when applied during the general rotation of music.

*Important Note*
-If you request a song while a specific playlist is being played (spotlight shows/spotlight segments) than please be aware your song will not be played until that segment or show is over with. So if you are not wanting to wait around make sure to check the schedule to make sure a specific segment is not being aired.

-This also applies to new music added (roughly 15-20 songs) that is mixed in with the general rotation.

The good news is there is roughly 20,000 songs currently on the autoDj so chances are if you have something in mind it will probably be up there. But again if not, it will let me know so that i can add those files at a later date since it will help me gauge what people like or are interested in hearing.

                              **Song Request Location (Follow Link)**

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